Customize your wedding with cute wedding cake toppers!

June 6, 2011 at 10:41 AM ET

Lil' Cake Toppers creator Esther Mun started professionally selling her creations after an abundance of friends asked her to create customized toppers for their weddings.

As weddings become more and more homogeneous, how does one add a personal touch? One new website is helping couples add a sweet detail to their nuptials (without the sweat required for a viral video): Lil' Cake Toppers offers personalized wooden representations of the bride and groom, complete with adorable unique characteristics of the couple, to grace the dessert.

 Designer Esther Mun, 32, launched the site specifically for guests who can’t stand giving cash or "another impersonal pot and pan" as a wedding gift. Her creations, which range from $120 - $180, can incorporate multiple personal details, including the couple’s nationalities, style, jewelry, etc.  

Even the royal couple got immortalized in wood by Little Cake Toppers creator Esther Mun.

“It's OK to go through wedding magazines and blogs for inspiration,” said Mun. “But the best and most memorable weddings are ones where guests say, ‘That is sooo them.’ ”

What did you customize for your wedding? Share your ideas!

[via A Cup of Jo]

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