California ladies go glamorous with Ambush Makeovers

Two California gals traded their West Coast cool for some East Coast glamour when they beat out dozens of others hoping to be plucked from Rockefeller Plaza for Thursday’s Ambush Makeover.

Los Angeles resident Marina Mintz, 42, asked hair guru Louis Licari to find a way to tame her tight curls, and he did just that. He had his stylist create layers around her face to add some shape in case she wanted to blow it dry, while still leaving her the option to “wash and run” when she wants to keep it curly. He also deepened her color into a “soft, believable” red.

“Whoa, hello hair!” Mintz said after she got a chance to view her new ’do.

Lilliana Vazquez, founder of Cheap Chica, then put Mintz in a black leather moto jacket that she could throw over a fancy dress to help make it more wearable for daytime.

Jenny Weaver, 60, of Pismo Beach, was looking for a change from her normal attire of jeans and a long-sleeved shirt, which she wears to her job as an agriculture department inspector.

Vazquez helped out by putting her in a color block dress with strategically placed panels that "create a tiny, tiny little waist that looks two sizes smaller,” she said.

Meanwhile, Licari worked at removing the frosted highlights from Weaver's hair, replacing them with more subtle highlights and an overall warm, golden brown color. He also shaped up her bangs to give her “instant style."

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Weaver’s husband, Tom, whose only request before the makeover was for experts to keep his wife “an organic girl,” apparently liked the change.

“Whoa!" he exclaimed.

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