Bobbie's Buzz: Unique (and affordable!) Valentine's Day gifts

Feb. 3, 2012 at 9:20 AM ET

TODAY style editor Bobbie Thomas /

Roses are red, violets are blue, whatever your whim, TODAY style editor and's Bobbie Thomas has a V-Day find for you...

For those in relationships

Performance art pieces from the 1960s inspired Jeremy Brown to develop his provocative "Love Is Art" kits. Use the large canvas and body paint provided to create unique and "intimate" abstract art with your partner; then wait eagerly for compliments to roll in and explain how it was made! The kits include a plastic sheet to help keep things relatively clean and body scrubbers to use afterward. ($60 and up;

Mini Grumpy Val Pals /
Mini Grumpy Val Pals are a wee bit bitter.

For those boycotting the holiday

Valentine's Day isn't everyone's favorite day. If you have a disinterested friend or relative, let them commiserate in the company of Mini Grumpy Val Pals. The precious, plush figurines, which include an angry cupid and bitter teddy bear, say phrases like "love stinks!" and "isn't it romantic... blech!"  ($4.95;

For those about to take the plunge

Whether your gal's into gambling or you're just looking for an unexpected way to pop the big question, I fell in love with faux, scratch-off lottery tickets from, which reveal the phrase "Will You Marry Me?" ($4.95; And if you're not on the path to nuptials, you can still create your own custom cards for Valentine's day by purchasing scratch-off stickers from Simply print out a design on your computer and top it off with one of the fun, self-adhesive stickers. ($5.50 and up;

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