Bobbie's Buzz: Simple ways to transform your style 

If you're not in the mood to invest in a new wardrobe this time of year, have no fear! TODAY style editor and author Bobbie Thomas is here to help you amp up your style game with a few simple, cost-free tips.

Ashton from Virginia
I love the idea here, but the combination of a high-neck blouse and cardigan overwhelms Ashton's face. She can still pull off that pretty, polished look, even with a little more neckline showing. I also swapped her black sandals for a more neutral hue to help remove another competing element.

Francine from the Dominican Republic
Francine's outfit is great — the straw hat, the tank and the linen pants are all chic staples, but I wanted to shift her shape a little to make this outfit 'so good.' A shorter top and wide-leg pants better suit her frame, and this swap makes her instantly look taller.

Amanda from North Carolina
On Amanda, I especially like that her jeans make a statement. You can tell that she’s willing to take a risk and have fun with fashion! To make it 'so good' though, I would consider cropping the length of her pants to reveal a little leg, and going with a skin-tone pump instead of stark white, which competes with the stripes as the main focal point of the outfit.

Rawn from WashingtonD.C.
These jean shorts are good — as opposed to those micro-mini cut-offs out there — and would be 'so good' with a softer top. Opposites attract, and a more delicate, light blouse would compliment Rawn's dark, rigid denim.

Lisa from Texas
I really like the overall effortless feel of Lisa's outfit choice, and the bright pop of color adds an instant update.

However, while dolman style sleeves are popular, they can be tough for some of us to pull off, as they add extra volume under the arms. Combined with the stripes, Lisa appears broader on top, and she could better balance her shape with a more classic short sleeve.

On the flip side, if your shoulders are wider than your hips (an inverted triangle body type), dolman sleeves can soften your neckline and the added volume can balance a narrow bottom half.

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