Bobbie's Buzz: New year, new sporty style solutions

Jan. 6, 2012 at 9:17 AM ET

TODAY style editor Bobbie Thomas

Everyone makes resolutions for the new year, but the trick is sticking with them. TODAY style editor and Bobbie.com's Bobbie Thomas shares a few products to help keep you on track:

Girlfriend support

All of my girlfriends with "girlfriends" know that having inadequate chest support can make a workout routine rather uncomfortable, so I was thrilled to come across Panache's sports bra designed with D-H cups in mind.  The "no-bounce" bra can reduce up to 83 percent of the jiggle while you jog, and features a comfy yet heavy duty underwire and adjustable straps ($68; nordstrom.com).

Sporty storage

If you're favorite athletic attire doesn't include pockets, you'll be excited to meet Contigo's "Kangaroo" water bottle, which features a built-in storage compartment for keys, money, gym card, ID and more.  It's also 100 percent leak-proof and comes in an assortment of sleek colors ($9.74; gocontigo.com).

Locked-up laces

Whether you're an athlete or you just can't stand tying your shoes, everyone will find something to love with X-Laces.  The knotted designs allow all shoes to become comfortable slip-ons, so you'll never have to lace up again. X-Laces also keep pressure on your foot at a consistent level for a solid workout, and bonus -- they'll add some extra style to your 'sneaks ($14.95; xlaces.com).

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