Bobbie's Buzz: Make a statement with fun, clever style

Oct. 31, 2012 at 9:52 AM ET

By Bobbie Thomas

Several seasons ago, graphic T-shirts were all the rage with pretty prints and silly, sweet slogans — but for 2012 the trend has grown up, with sharper, wittier statements. TODAY style editor and's Bobbie Thomas shares the best of the bunch.

Message tees

Excuses, excuses — now you can walk in wearing your apology. Thanks to Print Liberation's "Sorry I'm Late" tee, your shirt will say it all so you don't have to ($22,!

For those who have a hard time saying no, how about a top that says "I Wish I Could, But I'm Already in My Pajamas"? You can create that reason or any other you wish at ($20.75 and up, And beyond funny, style statements can also carry a much more significant message. Designer Rachel Roy lends fashion forward support to the on-going campaign against bullying with her "I Don't Date Bullies" tee ($38,

Conversational carryalls

Next up, let your tote do the talking! I giggled uncontrollably at this first bag by INKtastic, displaying the phrase "I Like Big Books and I Cannot Lie" ($8.49, Another hilarious find caught my eye over at AZillionDollars. They make a reusable canvas tote that states "This is the Bag That I Always Forget to Bring to the Store." Just one question ... how did they know that?! ($24.95, Also, if you've ever smiled at those sarcastic, Victorian-inspired "eCards" online, you'll be happy to know that you can bring them to life! offers a large assortment of blank basics and accessories, including totes, mugs, aprons and more that you can design with your favorite quip ($17.99,

Baby talk

Just because little ones can't talk, doesn't mean they can't make us laugh! There's nothing better than a funny onesie, and some of the best come from Biased Baby. They feature outlandish phrases like "Mommy's More Fun Now That She Can Drink" and "All My Mom Wanted was a Backrub" ($16, also has a fantastic selection of tiny duds, including tees that say "I Drink 'Til I Pass Out;" the image underneath, of course, is a baby bottle ($14.99 & up,

Expressive accessories

I adore this next set of finds as the holidays approach! Affordable and fun, why not give the girls in your life the jewelry they really want? HSN offers up "Do Not Disturb" necklaces inspired by hotel door signs, whille Cob Web Corner makes "In One Ear" and "Out the Other" earring sets ($26.90,; $10, And for those whose sense of humor may be bigger than their bank account, you can finally buy a "Stunning Diamond Necklace" from I Love Blocks. Their pendant doesn't exactly contain a sparkler, but it is labeled with the phase "Stunning Diamond Necklace" ($25, One last quirky bit of bling? Punctuation jewelry speaks volumes, with question mark and exclamation point rings that are bold yet stylish ($49,

Home speak

Lastly, let your home decor get in on the action! First Comes Love offers up a good laugh with wine glasses that read "Girls' Night Out, the Original Social Networking Site" ($25, You can also add some sass to your sofa with fun and functional pillows by Alexandra Ferguson that urge you to "Go to the Gym" and "Call Your Mother." Check out her Etsy shop for other unique pieces ($99,

And while we're on the subject of helpful reminders, those watching their waistlines might want to invest in "intervention dishware" from Fish's Eddy. The ceramic plates serve up heaping scoops of guilt with imprinted phrases like “Do you really need that second helping?” along the edged, and "Big Mistake" in the center, so the message is revealed only after you've scarfed down that giant slice of cake! ($10.95,

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