Ask the Vet: How to combat fleas, alleviate separation anxiety and more

Let's face it: we animal lovers and owners can't get enough information to protect and keep our "fur angels" safe and healthy, right? That's why I came up with this idea to do a regular segment with a vet, addressing all kinds of pet-related problems.

This latest segment with Dr. Brett Levitzke highlights three topics that all pet owners have dealt with at some point — like fleas and ticks (ugh!). In the summer they are often a nightmare for our pets (not to mention us humans)! We will discuss the symptoms caused by these pests and the products that will protect our pets from them.

Next, we will delve into eating issues. Some dogs (not mine) are picky eaters, but this could actually be evidence of of a very serious health issue. We will suggest new healthy alternatives that can zero in on your pet's situation and hopefully make a difference.

Then we will talk about separation anxiety — something I understand all too well as the mother of five rescue pooches. My dogs go into a funk every time I leave the house, and I hate leaving them too. Just putting my shoes on can make them all nervous and depressed. And, when I'm gone, I have to admit they have done some serious damage to my cushions, pillows and sheets! We will address several possible ways to alleviate their stress and ours.

Our goal with this segment is to offer information to make sure that our pets are happy and healthy for years to come, and we will reap the benefits as well.

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