Are the new Summer's Eve ads offensive? Watch and decide

July 20, 2011 at 5:05 PM ET

Summer's Eve, the makers of lady freshness products in scents like "Delicate Blossom" and "Morning Paradise," have kicked up something of a controversy over a new set of video ads.

The three spots -- each featuring a woman's talking hand of different ethnicities -- are being called out for the racially stereotypical voicing of each character's monologue. There's an African-American hand, called "Lady Wowza" who's suggests freshening before a night at the club, a presumably Latina hand called "Leopard Thong" who breaks into fast-paced Spanish rant at the end and a non-specific Caucasian hand named "BFF."  

The campaign, called "Hail to the V," is aimed at selling their cleansers, woman to woman. 

Watch the spots here and let us know what you think of the ads -- are they a down-under blunder?

Lady Wowza's ad: 

Leopard Thong's ad:

BFF's ad: 

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