Ann Curry 'woos' viewers with great style, says New York Times

Dec. 29, 2011 at 5:38 PM ET

On Nov. 22, Twitter fans applauded Ann for her "fab" trench coat. We're sure Matt and Al felt the same.

Ann Curry certainly reports the news, but recently, she was the subject of a New York Times report on her ... style? The TODAY anchor, who has been wowing viewers lately with her bright and cheery wardrobe, was applauded for her recent fashion choices.

Ann got a warm welcome from fashion-lovers on her first day as TODAY co-anchor, with fans tweeting up a storm about her bright red and pink dress.

"Hot colors have become her signature; she does not shy away from an eye-popping palette of flamingo pink, caution yellow and stoplight green," writes New York Times fashion writer Ruth La Ferla. "The look is complemented by unfussy shoulder-length hair and footwear as varied as suede knee-high boots, open-toe sandals and cobalt-tone pumps."

We're glad the Grey Lady is finally catching on to what we've always known — Ann is as fearless in fashion as she is in her globe-trotting news reporting. Case in point: her festive, ugly Christmas sweater!

Ann bravely donned an ugly Christmas sweater on Dec. 14.

(We're kidding! Ann really does have terrific taste.)

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Ann's first-day dress is a hit