Ambush Makeover gives busy mom of 3 a brand-new look

With three kids at home, Erika Rape doesn't have much time for a beauty routine. "I try to bathe daily," she joked on Thursday, after she was plucked from the plaza for an Ambush Makeover. "With three kids, it's hard to get that in sometimes!"

Makeover pros Jill Martin and Louis Licari gave this busy mom, who just turned 40, a brand-new look, which left her family cheering.

Erika Rape before and after her Ambush Makeover TODAY
Erika Rape before and after her Ambush Makeover

"Oh my God!" they exclaimed, when she emerged with soft, red waves, and clad in a lovely lacy dress.

"It's Christina Hendricks!" cried KLG.

"You DO look like Christina Hendricks!" Hoda agreed.

And what did her mom think? "I think she's gorgeous," she said, her eyes full of tears.
Next up was Janie Rutman, who turned 65 today.

The birthday girl, who recently lost 20 pounds, was thrilled to get a new look to go with her new body. "I couldn't ask for anything better," she said before her makeover, already a little teary.

When she came out with a glam new haircut and soft, pretty makeup, she barely recognized herself. "Who is that?" she joked when she looked in the mirror.

Her husband Steve, who said Janie "deserves a birthday more than anybody," was blown away by his wife's transformation. "Wow!" he said. "We're going out tonight!"

Ambush Makeover

See the best transformations on TODAY! Hairstylist Louis Licari and TODAY contributor Jill Martin give fans stunning makeovers from head to toe.


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