7 innovative, unique wrapping paper ideas

Dec. 13, 2011 at 11:59 AM ET

Sure, you can use your nifty Trader Joe's grocery bags to wrap your gifts this year. But if you want to jazz it up a little, check out some of these quirky wrapping papers that prove that what's on the outside can be as fun as what's on the inside.

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If you leave these under the tree too early, you might find the puzzle completed long before Santa comes. Don't blame them if they complete the crossword without opening the gift first. $5 per set, Pam Lostracco on /

For the eco-conscious on Santa's nice list, give them a gift wrapped in a gift with this plantable seed paper that will bloom within weeks! Plantable gift wrap ensures they'll be thinking about you long after the snow melts!

Perfect for the blended or non-denominational celebration, this wrapping isn't as bland as its message. You can't get much more. $5.99, /

Wrap your gift in this paper, then wrap it in another box wrapped in this paper, then wrap that in yet another, bigger box wrapped in this paper, then.... well, you get it. Nesting dolls are a great way to decorate your nest! $4,

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Prove you're a hero (not a zero) to the lovable geek in your life with this binary paper sure to score a 10. $5.99,

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Bacon's not just for breakfast. Caution: may distract Santa from the cookies.  $3.99, 

Fast food is reinvented in this luxe wrapping set sure to make them ask you to super-size their gift. Sarah Fay and Justin Colt's Gift Couture — "a start-up creative and innovative wrapping paper company" — introduces the mouth-watering Cheeseburger set! Available for pre-order on Kickstarter

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