The 10 most beauty-obsessed cities, according to FourSquare

April 9, 2012 at 9:08 AM ET

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 And, according to the free mobile app, the most beauty-obsessed city with over 300,000 check-ins is Fresno, CA, which is home to five beauty schools, as well as multiple beauty retailers. Lubbock, TX follows in the number two spot, with Tulsa, OK rounding out the top three. See the full list below and on the map above.

Don’t see your hometown? Check into FourSquare on your next makeup run and make your beauty stop count! 

1. Fresno, CA

2. Lubbock, TX

3. Tulsa, OK

4. Champaign, IL

5. Las Vegas, NV

6. Atlantic City, NJ

7. San Francisco, CA

8. New York, NY

9. Houston, TX

10. Pensacola, FL

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