Sochi Olympics

#PicsWithZdeno: Olympians ignite trend taking pictures with huge athlete

Feb. 11, 2014 at 8:55 AM ET

Video: The Boston Bruins defenseman and Slovakian captain has been a huge hit at the Games. He jumped at the opportunity to carry the flag at the Opening Ceremonies when he was asked by his home country.

You would expect to see athletes of impressive stature at the Winter Olympics, but Zdeno Chara is a different breed.

The 6 foot 9 inch Slovakian hockey player and defenseman for the Boston Bruins has become one of Sochi's biggest photo ops, and it all began when 4 foot 11 inch Canadian figure skater Kristen Moore-Towers tweeted this picture last Friday.

The photo, showing off their stunning height disparity, ignited a firestorm as other athletes in Sochi began tweeting pictures of themselves with Chara using the hashtag #PicsWithZdeno, launching the trend on Twitter and Instagram. 

He's since been dubbed Sochi's "most photogenic man" and taking a picture with him has practically become a Winter sport in itself. Here are some of our favorite #PicsWithZdeno: