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Vote for Matt & Al's best-ever Olympic stunt

Feb. 3, 2014 at 1:31 PM ET

Matt and Al strike a pose before attempting to luge during the 2006 Olympics in Torino, Italy.

Matt and Al have squeezed into Spandex for a wrestling match, plugged their noses for a lesson in synchronized swimming and shared a bobsled while attempting to luge in Torino. They've tossed clubs in the air while learning rhythmic gymnastics in Beijing and even invited Savannah, Natalie, Meredith and Ryan Seacrest to join the fun for racewalking in London.

The Olympians-in-training are prepping for their next Olympic attempt in Sochi, and TODAY producer Jennifer Long tweeted a sneak peek at what they're up to.

But in the meantime, TODAY wants to know your favorite event Matt and Al have tried. Take a trip down memory lane and cast your vote!

During the 2004 Olympics in Athens, Matt and Al gave synchronized swimming a shot with a little help from the U.S. synchronized swim team. The two managed to stay afloat, but no calls yet about joining the team:

During the 2006 Torino Olympics, Matt and Al squeezed into skin-tight uniforms and onto a sled, where they tried to luge. The two bumped and giggled their way down the track not one, but two times:

The dynamic duo joined Canadian gymnast Alexandra Orlando during the 2008 Beijing 
Olympics for a lesson in rhythmic gymnastics. Their practice session involved a pair pink clubs that they were happy to retire at the end of the day:

Matt and Al learned how to wrestle during the London 2012 Olympics. “Other than the luge, this is probably the thing that could get us in the hospital more than any other thing we’ve done,” Matt said before they gave it a try:

In 2012 for the London Olympics, Ryan Seacrest, Meredith, Natalie and Savannah joined Matt and Al to learn how to racewalk. After a few awkward laps around the track, the group engaged in a (more or less) friendly competition: