Andrew Weibrecht's tip for winning a silver medal: Listen to your wife

Feb. 17, 2014 at 2:13 PM ET

Andrew Weibrecht
Andrew Weibrecht live from Sochi on TODAY.

Always listen to your wife.

That's the message skier Andrew Weibrecht is touting after his silver medal-winning Super-G race.

"She's really into yoga, always trying to get me to do it," Andrew said of his wife, Denja. So, the night before his race, he did some — and it worked. "It helped me relax," he said.

The result: Weibrecht's best night of sleep in Sochi so far, followed by a silver medal the next day. "She's full of good advice," he said of Denja, who's from his hometown of Lake Placid, N.Y., site of the Winter Olympics in 1932 and 1980.

What else did Andrew do to prepare for his run? He gave a breakdown of his day before the medal, including his final minutes of preparation.

A mix of Corn Flakes, Cocoa Puffs and yogurt — in one bowl.

How'd he come up with this combo? "It's a safe thing to eat," he explained: He can find all the ingredients wherever he travels overseas, and "I know my body can handle it."

'Game time'
To psych himself, Andrew listened to the punk band Rise Against riding the gondola up the mountain. He knew he would be the 29th racer down the course — a number he initially thought would put him at a disadvantage.

The skier explained how snow conditions worsened during the day for the downhill and super combined downhill event. "I was pretty bummed for a little bit," he admitted. "Then I put it out of my head. And I made a resolution that I wrote down that 'I'm not going to let this affect my race.'"

He gained confidence when later competitors started posting medal-winning times. "I remember thinking, 'It's still possible.'" 

Andrew Weibrecht
Alexander Hassenstein / Getty Images
Andrew Weibrecht during his silver medal-winning run in the Alpine Skiing Men's Super-G in Sochi on Sunday.

He said U.S. teammate Bode Miller, who raced earlier than Andrew, also passed along the snow conditions. 

"When Bode radios up and says, 'This is totally rippable. You can do it,' that says to me it's game time."

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What's next? 
No rest for the weary: Weibrecht said he's soon headed off to Austria then the World Cup in Norway. "Hopefully I can get home in March to see my wife and my dog and unwind for a bit," he said. 

Lake Placid threw him a parade when Andrew medaled in Vancouver. He rode in the town fire truck with his then-girlfriend Denja (they married in 2012) and his brother Ethan, who's now 26.

"My little brother totally ate it up. He was waving to people and carrying the team," Andrew said. "I talked to Ethan last night, and he was like, 'Are you going to have a parade again? I'll ride in the fire truck again.' He's looking forward to that." 

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