Zach Braff on being 'reunited at last' with best friend Donald Faison

Zach Braff's upcoming film was funded via the Internet, and now that's exactly where the frenzy for "Wish I Was Here" is taking hold.

As Braff's upcoming film approaches its July release date, the film, entirely financed by donations via crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, is spurring waves of anticipation online. 

One fan tweeted Braff about one specific aspect of the film she's excited for — his on-screen reunion with best friend and "Scrubs" co-star Donald Faison.

Braff retweeted the fan, including a screen grab of himself and Faison from the film's teaser trailer that was released last month. 

"The teaser went insanely viral. It got like six million views in a week," Braff said. "It was just funny because the thing's only a minute and half long, and someone said, 'This is my absolute favorite frame of the whole movie' because it's me and Donald reunited at last."

Watch the video to hear more from Braff on his post-"Scrubs" relationship with Faison and the progress of the highly anticipated "Wish I Was Here."

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