Anne Hathaway

Would Hathaway host Oscars again? 'Why not? Maybe. Perhaps. No!'

April 7, 2011 at 10:26 AM ET

Anne Hathaway stopped by TODAY on Thursday to discuss her role in the new animated film "Rio," but it was her comments on another gig that was for the birds that caught our attention.

Hathaway told Matt Lauer that she was certainly aware of the harsh criticism that her hosting of the Oscars garnered -- alongside fellow actor James Franco.

"I just felt so much joy to get to be a part of movie history," Hathaway said, but acknowledged that critics called it "the worst show ever ... I think that qualifies as tough."

But she said reaction from fans on the street and her own takeaway from the evening are enough to make for memories that she will cherish and "tell her grandkids about, hopefully."

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