World Cup blowout leads to barrage of snarky shots on Twitter

Nearly as fast as Germany scored its first five goals on Brazil in the first half of Tuesday's World Cup semifinal, soccer fans took their own shots on Twitter.

Celebs and media personalities and everyone else watching what was expected to be a great match could hardly keep up with the scoring as they shared musings about how badly Brazil was being beaten. And by the second half on TV, the ESPN announcers were addressing the host country as a "devastated nation." When it was 7-0, they simply said the "utter humiliation ... just got worse." 

Need a break from the laughter for some tears? Cameras panning the home team's crowd found plenty of shock and disbelief on the faces of Brazilians. And at least one crying child.

But, it's the Internet. No crying kid ever stopped an onslaught of snark.

😞 yikes.

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By the time the match neared its end, even German model Heidi Klum couldn't watch anymore. 

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