Willie Nelson is smokin' in audition reel for 'The Hobbit'

(Note: Mild vulgarity in the video.)

Mama, don't let your babies grow up to be ... orcs? Well, if Willie Nelson managed to take the role of the "Lord of the Rings'" and "The Hobbit's" Gandalf away from Ian McKellen, the script would need a little rewriting.

In a video on Conan O'Brien's "Team Coco" YouTube channel, Nelson gave audiences a taste — or a puff — of what he'd be like as the pipe-smoking wizard. "You shall not pass ... an unlit joint!" he intones in the video, posted Monday. "That's just not cool."

Willie Nelson

Image: Willie Nelson
Charles Sykes

The American icon is a legend of country music and has had a lengthy career of acting and activism as well.

Nelson — wearing a large floppy hat, wielding a walking stick/wand and smoking away (the one area of research we can all guarantee he's done for the role) is a hoot — and keep an eye out for his son Micah Nelson as Bilbo Baggins.

And you know, if this doesn't pan out for Nelson (who turns 80 on Tuesday), as he notes: He'd happily step into another McKellen role — as Magneto.


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