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Will 'Dancing With the Stars' pro Maks be back for season 14?

Jan. 12, 2012 at 6:57 PM ET

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The anger! The frustration!

It all boiled over into the ballroom last season on "Dancing With the Stars" when pro hoofer Maksim Chmerkovskiy got tired of what he perceived to be the judges unfairly nitpicking his celebrity partner, soccer star Hope Solo, and lashed out.

Among his snaps at the judges? Telling head

he told reporters backstageSir Sleep's account

And if that's not enough, a show source told our pals at Us Weekly that Maks and fellow pro Derek Hough "hate each other."

With all that bad blood and tension flowing near the end of the season, fans of the ballroom bad boy couldn't help but wonder if he'd be back for season 14 in March. After all, he did tell AOL TV in May that he didn't know if he'd be back for season 13. "It takes a lot out of you," he said of the show. "I don't know (if I'm coming back). We'll see. Right now, I'm drained."

If that season (12), when he had the super fun Kirstie Alley as a partner, was draining, what he endured season 13 seemed much more drama-filled and frustrating than in previous seasons.

Still, fans of the Ukrainian dancer have reason to rejoice. In an interview with People, Maks said, "I love ("Dancing With the Stars") and I love what it stands for. I definitely want to keep doing it."

Whew! Now let's hope the powers that be behind the show love him just as much as he loves the show.

Don't want to wait until March 19 for Maks and his smooth moves to return to TV with the "DWTS" season 14 premiere? GSN is re-airing season four of the competition starting on Saturday, Jan. 21 at 6 p.m.

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