Why Emma Roberts prefers to tweet in sushi pajamas

You may think Emma Roberts has a glamorous life as a Hollywood actress, but the "Palo Alto" star has news for you: It's really just bedhead and sushi pajamas behind the scenes.

During a recent Twitter chat for her upcoming film, Roberts tweeted a photo of herself sitting at her computer in a matching pajama set.

When we asked about the story behind the sushi jammies she's wearing in the shot, Roberts explained she'd overslept and didn't have time to get dressed before a Twitter chat with fans and that boyfriend Evan Chambers had captured a picture of the candid moment.

"I feel like most people think when you're doing those [chats] that you're glamorously sitting there, so I wanted to show that it's really just in your pajamas, last-minute kind of tweeting," Roberts said. 

Watch the video to hear more from Roberts on why she loves her food-themed pajama suit.

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