When Walter White was Malcolm's dad: Emmy nominees way back when

Yes, those familiar faces you'll see on Emmy night have changed over the years. Nominee Bryan Cranston is terrifying as meth kingpin Walter White on "Breaking Bad," but it wasn't that long ago that he was Malcolm's gentle dad on "Malcolm in the Middle." (Walter White would murder sweetly inept Hal in an instant, step over his body, and not even look down.)

Emmy nominees way back when

Bryan Cranston and Claire Danes are both up for Emmys, but we jump in the time machine and take a look at the roles that got them -- and 10 other nominees -- to that coveted spot.

Claire Danes is a nominee for "Homeland," but the Emmys are old hat to her. She was just 16 when she was first nominated, for her iconic role as angsty teen Angela Chase on the one-season hit "My So-Called Life." Rayanne Graff and Rickie Vasquez knew she'd go far.

And what's that you say, Julia Louis-Dreyfus is a 14-time nominee? In the words of "Seinfeld's" Elaine Benes, GET OUT! Louis-Dreyfus has earned Emmys not only for her "Seinfeld" role, but for her role on "The New Adventures of Old Christine," as well as for the role that has her nominated this year, that of Vice-President Selina Meyer on "Veep."

So before the Emmys roll out that red carpet, take a wander with us back through the time machine, and check out how the nominees looked in other roles. Carmela Soprano, did you change your name to Jackie and take a nursing job just to get by?


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