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Pop Culture

For 'Watch What Happens Live' host, 'butt of Oprah' is a measure of success

When Andy Cohen got his start as an off-screen executive with Bravo, he never imagined that he'd end up becoming the on-screen face of a late-night show on the network. Now his show, "Watch What Happens Live," is turning five, and Cohen can't deny he's got a hit on his hands.

TODAY's Willie Geist, who's been a guest on the "Watch What Happens Live" several times, sat down with Cohen and found out how the host turned a web show into a successful TV show.

"My two bosses at Bravo came to me and said, 'We'll give you 12 weeks at midnight to do what you're doing online, on Bravo,'" Cohen recalled. "And I said 'Oh my God.' And I had no thought this was going to go beyond the 12 weeks, move to 11 (o'clock), go twice a week, and now five nights a week — much less have the butt of Oprah Winfrey in this particular chair!"

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Now that's success. Of course, Winfrey's isn't the only A-list backside to grace that seat. Cohen's had a long line of celebrity guests, and his pop-culture nook (complete with a cigarette from Lindsay Lohan, a tea bag from Julie Andrews, and a shot-ski gifted by Jimmy Fallon and used by Martha Stewart) proves it.

Now, Cohen has his eyes on what lies ahead. Be sure to check out the full clip to find out the guest he's most looking forward to welcoming (and sharing that shot-ski with) in the future.

"Watch What Happens Live" airs Sundays through Thursdays at 11 p.m. on Bravo.

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