'Walking Dead' launching web experience for more zombie goodness

Feb. 10, 2012 at 7:35 PM ET


Not content to just sit on your couch alone with your jaw hanging open in shock while you watch AMC's "The Walking Dead" on Sunday nights? Well lucky for you, the network is launching a new interactive experience as the zombie drama returns with its midseason premiere on Feb. 12.

Yes, now you'll have more than your dog to turn to when something unbelievable happens on the small screen. "The Walking Dead" Story Sync is a web app on AMCtv.com that fans of the show will be able to use on their tablets or computers during the program to enhance the viewing experience and engage with other viewers in various ways.

Some of the features include votes on things that just happened on the show, a weekly kill count (of both humans and zombies, of course), graphics and detailed info of weapons and more, maps, trivia and instant replays of important scenes. Or for those of you who like to be chatty during the shows, the app will let you talk to your heart's content without bugging your viewing buddies who just want to quietly soak in the bloody action. The Story Sync web app will have a dedicated chat area where fans can watch "Dead" and gab at the same time. Check out the image above for a sneak peek of what the app will include.

Story Sync launches at 9 p.m. Sunday with the show premiere.

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