Jersey Shore

University reverses 'Jersey Shore' ban

May 19, 2011 at 12:15 PM ET

Cast of MTV's "Jersey Shore"

University of Florida students currently taking part in the Study Abroad program are now free to get their GTL on in Italy, if that’s what they want to do on their own time.

Early Thursday morning, TMZ revealed that school officials recently sent out emails warning students to stay away from the relocated Seaside Heights crowd, or more specifically, to stay away from the MTV cameras as they follow Snooki and the gang.

“Any student who does agree to participate in the filming of the show, or who signs a waiver or legal agreement of any sort with MTV, will be dismissed from the program immediately,” an administrator warned.

But just hours after the ban became public knowledge, the school officials had a change of heart.

“Generally speaking, students may participate in activities outside their Study Abroad program, as long as they meet the academic and living requirements of that program,” Janine Sikes, University of Florida Director of Public Affairs, told TMZ. Acknowledging the email student received, Sikes added, “This is a reversal of the UF administrator’s position."

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