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‘Tyra Banks is fat,’ former ‘Model’ judge says

Please let the record reflect, Janice Dickinson does not think Jennifer Love Hewitt is fat. Tyra Banks? Perhaps. During a Dec. 10 appearance on TODAY, Dickinson told Al Roker that Love Hewitt “is a healthy, not emaciated woman.” Then she added, “You want to see someone who’s fat? I’m sorry, Tyra. Tyra Banks is fat.”

Ouch! Although Dickinson said she was “kidding,” one person who is close to Banks’ reality show, “America’s Next Top Model,” feels pretty certain that Dickinson is serious. “Janice has been looking for any opportunity to speak out against Tyra,” said the source. “She feels like she got treated like s--- by Tyra when she was involved with ‘Top Model.’  I can’t believe she’d drudge up the past like this, though.”

Dickinson left “ANTM” in 2005. She was known then for her extremely sharp tongue, but according to an insider, the feud had more to do with her dislike of Tyra. “Janice just couldn’t stand dealing with her any longer. As long as she has the time and platform to throw Tyra under the bus, you can bet she will.”

Amy Winehouse finally getting help?
Amy Winehouse is defying the lyrics to the song that made her famous. According to the beehived singer’s rep, Winehouse has finally said yes, yes, yes to a treatment program. Winehouse is reportedly being supervised by doctors, which doesn’t quite sound like rehab per se, but is close enough. Her motivation? The upcoming Grammys. “Amy is thrilled to be nominated for six Grammys, and is very much hoping to attend,” said her rep. “She is determined to be ready and well for that performance.”

Ellen can’t stay away from strays
Just when we were beginning to forget about Ellen DeGeneres’ ill-fated foray into the murky world of puppy adoption and animal shelters, news has broken that the talk-show host is teaming up with former Meow Mix owner Richard Thompson to rebuild animal shelters across the United States.

DeGeneres had Thompson on her show to discuss the first project, which is currently underway, in Monkey Run, Ark. Thompson told Page Six that when they began the project, the shelter’s owner was keeping almost 60 animals, which included “a zebra, some Watusi cattle and 20 dogs, some that are three-legged, blind and deaf.” Will she be adopting any of those dogs? No word yet, but Thompson has this to say: “Ellen’s one of the best rescue people I've ever met, she got a bad rap over Iggy.”