True Blood

'True Blood's' vampire king could soon return to his throne

Feb. 7, 2011 at 2:07 PM ET

John P. Johnson / HBO /
Denis O'Hare as vamp King Russell Edgington on "True Blood."

In a bit of welcome news for “True Blood” fans, it seems actor Denis O’Hare, better known as Russell Edgington on the bayou-based series, may soon return to reprise his villainous role.

Viewers last looked upon the vampire king of Mississippi while he was busy being buried alive (er, undead) in a vat of cement courtesy of a rage-filled Eric Northman and a helpful Bill Compton. Good thing vamps are resilient, as O’Hare would welcome the opportunity to bring Edgington back.

"I left them on a high,” O’Hare told The Hollywood Reporter of his dramatic exit last season. “(The powers that be) have been very, very nice to me, and they tell me that they think I'm going to come back.  And I'm waiting. We'll see what happens."

No doubt fans are waiting, too. The show is sure to be short on southern charm and random brutality until Edgington resumes his royal position.

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