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'Top Chef All-Stars': Sweet treats turn sour for some cheftestants

Dec. 9, 2010 at 9:46 AM ET

Liane Bonin of writes: One thing I’ve learned watching “Top Chef” is you’ve really got to eat dinner before the show, because otherwise you open up your fridge, look around and get depressed. Just a thought. Anyway, this all-star season is especially tempting, as so far I haven’t seen anything gag-inducing (not always a given in previous seasons) and tensions were already running high in the first week. So let’s get to it!

The chefs are taken aback when that culinary genius Joe Jonas wanders into the kitchens with Padma. Antonia, having a daughter, knows exactly who he is, but I love that Dale T. has no clue who this dark-haired squirt is but thinks he might be a pastry chef. I also love that Joe Jonas is a fan of the show, because I’m trying to picture the Jonas brothers curled up in their touring van, watching “Top Chef” and wondering out loud if they can make that sous-vide chicken with wasabi aioli from ingredients from the nearest 7-11. I’m sure after a while on the road, any musician can fall prey to the appeal of food porn.  

Anyway, Joe is going to make an appearance at the Natural History Museum’s "Night at the Museum" sleepover, which is an opportunity for small children to knock over priceless dinosaur bones. The chefs must compete for the chance to make a midnight snack for the kids, which fills with chefs with dread, as they do not have a burning desire to make cheese puffs and Ding-Dongs for little people.  

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