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Toby Keith tours Oklahoma hometown devastated by tornado

Toby Keith is one of country music's biggest stars -- but he's also a native of the Sooner state. And after this week's devastating tornadoes that tore through Oklahoma also ripped into his hometown of Moore, Keith hurried home to see what had happened, and how he could help. He brought TODAY's Matt Lauer on a tour Wednesday to survey the damage.

"It was devastating to see, but it was even worse flying in because I know all these streets," he said. "That little grocery store on the corner there is where we got our baseball cards. Where we got our gas for mowing lawns in the summer."

Lauer and Keith stood just a few blocks from where he grew up in town; the family moved to a farm a few miles away once he was almost out of junior high. He has a home in town, as do other members of his family. "There's a lot of places it could have come across, and this is where it came across," he said. "You just look at the devastation."

His son-in-law heard about the schools in town getting hit, and immediately jumped into action -- though there were some obstacles, Keith reported: While driving there his truck flipped over, he got electrocuted, put a nail in his foot and had a tunnel collapse on him. But he still made it in for the rescue effort.

As Keith says, the people of his town are "resilient."

"They are so prepared for it," he said. "They'll bounce back. Homes will start going up quick and they'll prepare for the next one."