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Tina Fey's body parts catch KLG and Hoda's attention

Kathie Lee and Hoda talked 'nips' on Thursday.

Tina Fey accidentally showed off a little too much skin at the Emmy Awards on Sunday night, when her nipple quickly peeked above her low-cut gown as she accepted her award for Best Comedy Writing.

But the comedian has totally embraced her nip slip, and, funnily enough, it wasn’t even her cleavage that left the Fourth Hour hosts nearly speechless on Thursday.

Poking fun at her recent malfunction wardrobe in a new promo for her upcoming guest host gig on Saturday Night Live, Fey “accidentally” goes completely topless — and her body wowed the ladies.

Tina Fey in the new promos for SNL this weekend.

“She does have abs. That’s unbelievable,” Hoda said admiringly of Fey's chiseled stomach.

“Wow, yes she does,” KLG agreed, politely noting that Fey is “not as young as Lindsay Lohan.”

(For the record, the mother-of-two Fey is a mere 43.)

“She’s got abs like that, good for her,” KLG said.