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They said what? Oscar nominees make unforgettable quips

Feb. 24, 2013 at 8:40 PM ET

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Jennifer Lawrence.

Put a bunch of nervous actors and actresses on the red carpet ahead of a long, adrenaline-fueled evening — that'd be Sunday night's Oscars — and there's no telling just what people will say. Well, the fact is they'll say almost anything! Here's just a sample of some of the best "they said what?" moments from the night:

Jennifer Lawrence, while showing off her manicure for E!'s Ryan Seacrest: "Hang on, I told Emma Stone that I'd do this," she laughed. "Your a-- is mine, (Emma) Stone!"

Jessica Chastain, talking about her much-buzzed-about Giorgio Armani dress, referred to the outfit Marilyn Monroe wore in 1962 when she sang to President John F. Kennedy: "This reminded me of 'happy birthday, Mr. President'."

Amanda Seyfried felt her own outfit was a little too snug: "I feel like my organs are being pushed out of my body."

Jennifer Lawrence, admitting she was looking forward to the snack trays: "Today was stressful and I had no time to eat. I am starving!"

Us Weekly reported that George Clooney took personal responsibility for his girlfriend Stacy Keibler's outfit: "I sewed most of the sequins on myself."

Once the show got rolling, there were more great lines. Ang Lee, who won best director for "Life of Pi," said, "Thank you, movie god."

When "Argo" won best picture, director/star Ben Affleck noted, "I was here 15 years ago (for 'Good Will Hunting') and had no idea what I was doing ... I was just a kid, and I went out and never thought I'd be back here." 

Anne Hathaway earned a best supporting actress win for "Les Miserables," and accepted gratefully: "I had a dream. And it came true," she said.

And of course, the ever-quotable Lawrence, who won best supporting actress for "Silver Linings Playbook," proved she was one cool character after tripping on her dress on the way to accept her statuette: "Thank you. You guys are just standing up because you feel bad that I fell, and that's really embarrassing, but thank you. This is nuts!"

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