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Tensions lead to an awkward exit on 'Biggest Loser'

Feb. 7, 2012 at 10:27 PM ET

Conda's in trouble! Trainer Dolvett had enough of her bad attitude this week.

This week's drama began right where it left off last week on "The Biggest Loser." Moments after the red team sent G-Ma packing (why?!), they all gathered around Nancy's g-daughter, Cassandra, to comfort her. But with tensions still high in the wake of Conda's constant complaining and Adrian's less-than-warm welcome, there wasn't much comfort to be had.

Things got off to an awkward start right away when Adrian followed up a few supportive words to Cassandra with a serious warning to be careful about who she trusted – a warning that seemed aimed at all their teammates, who were standing right there.

There were several problems with that little exchange. First of all, Adrian's statement instantly shifted the mood of the team from sad about Nancy to angry at him. Second, while Cassandra would have loved to have Nancy around (wouldn't we all?), it seems both she and G-Ma knew the ouster was coming, and they were fine with it. There was no need to warn Cassandra. Besides, unlike Adrian, she's been living with these people for more than a month and has a good grasp on who to trust.

The only thing Adrian's outburst brought to light was that despite the fact that some members of the red team have accused him of game-playing, the man doesn't really know how to play the game.

Calling out his team did him no favors. Instead, it would have been the perfect time for him to hang back and let the focus shift away from his new-guy status and all the unfair mean-girl treatment he received last week. Heck, those mean girls (or at least Conda) were likely enough to steal the spotlight with their own bad behavior eventually.

But that's not Adrian's style -- unfortunately.

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So when Conda got around to her requisite, over-the-top complaints, no one had much of a problem with it, as they all had their own complaints, too.

Well, Dolvett Quince had a problem with it. Thanks to a challenge that went in the black team's favor, the reds had to do without Dolvett for most of the week, but the easy-on-the-eyes trainer had his eyes on his team thanks to video footage. That's how he was able to get a look at Conda's workout ways, which involved equal parts exercise and Adrian bashing.

"I don't care!" Dolvett said when he confronted her about the infighting and whining. "You shouldn't care. Stop caring!"

If Dolvett thinks Conda needs to care about something to complain about it, he needs to watch more highlight reels.

While the red team was busy creating and maintaining drama, the black team, it seems, was busy losing weight. Bob Harper's bunch once again bested the reds on the scales, which meant it time for another trip to the elimination room for Dolvett's players.

What happened then was no surprise. The red team, with the notable exception of Roy, voted Adrian out of the game. But unlike the usual teary-eyed farewells on the show, Adrian didn't wish his former teammates luck or even say goodbye. He resented the fact that he wasn't given a chance in the game and he didn't hide it.

As the ascot-wearing playing made for the exit, Mark tried to stop him for one last word. Adrian wouldn't speak to him. He returned only long enough to tell the group, again with the notable exception of Roy, not to go back to the house and embrace his sister Daphne after he'd left -- "for respect for me."

Of course Adrian might have respected the fact that Daphne still has to play a game with these people, and she needs to fit in with the group better than he did if she's going to stick around.

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