Teen Mom

'Teen Mom's' Gary defends Amber, warns detractors

Jan. 7, 2011 at 10:58 AM ET

"Teen Mom’s" Gary Shirley may have some choicewords for his former fiancée and on-air abuser Amber Portwood, but that doesn’t mean he approves of anyone else putting her down.

"I've said a lot of s--- because I am mad but if anyone wants to come up and talk s--- about Amber, I won't let it happen,” Shirley recently told TMZ. “Because she is a good girl, and she's my baby mama."

What about the fact that the “good girl” repeatedly slapped, punched and kicked Shirley while shooting “Teen Mom”? He believes it was all for the best, as that violence prompted Portwood to address her problems.

“I am fine with the fact that Amber hit me because she has gotten all the help that she needs,” the single dad said. “Ever since that she hasn't put her hands on me.”

Yes, hitting Shirley led Portwood to get help so that she wouldn’t hit him anymore. Well, that's a good thing since the pair might one day be an item again. While defending his ex to TMZ, Shirley admitted that once that pesky no contact order is lifted, they’d likely give love another go.

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