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Steven Tyler's most memorable 'American Idol' moments

July 12, 2012 at 6:41 PM ET

Steven Tyler may not have given the most constructive criticism during his short two-year reign as an "American Idol" judge, but he did provide the show with quite a number of memorable moments. Some of his antics made viewers laugh, others made them cringe.

Here are the moments we'll remember best.

Full moon

Hey, it gets hot under all those big, bright TV lights! After the show announced season 11's top 24, the Aerosmith frontman decided to strip and take a dip in front of his fellow judges.

'Dream On' 

Tyler performed the Aerosmith hit "Dream On" during the season 10 finale and showed the kids a real performance while fellow judge Jennifer Lopez rocked out:

Do what to a duck?!

The musician got a little excited after eventual "Idol" champ Scotty McCreery's audition in season 10. 

Weather chat

Tyler forgot who he was talking to when he met hopeful Shannon Magrane's father during the season 11 auditions, and made a rather inappropriate comment about the teenager. We're surprised the rocker didn't get decked!

Oops, sorry!

After Tyler dropped an expletive while talking about one hopeful's name during the season 10 auditions, the show jokingly issued an apology the following night.

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