Parks and Recreation

Star-studded 'Greatest Event in Television History' airs with Jon Hamm, Adam Scott

Oct. 12, 2012 at 7:26 AM ET

Adam Scott and Jon Hamm have pulled it off. After hyping their mysterious Adult Swim 15-minute special as the greatest event in television history, going so far as to even formally name it as such, the "Parks and Recreation" and "Mad Men" stars transcended the boundaries of time, narrative and facial hair to present what immediately became a landmark production.

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Hosted by Jeff Probst, the first ten minutes of the special went "behind the scenes" of Hamm and Scott's production, which was to be "directed" by Paul Rudd. In the fictionalized world in which this special operates, Hamm had no time for Scott (in actuality, they're great friends), and Kathryn Hahn is not an American actress, but a German ballet instructor.

The production itself? A shot-by-shot recreation of the introduction to "Simon & Simon,"  a detective series that ran on CBS for eight seasons between 1981-89. And while Rudd wasn't actually the director -- Scott and Lance Bangs handled those duties -- they did actually recreate the famed introduction, which involved killer whales, hot air balloons and broken bottles.

Also making appearances were Megan Mullally and Paul Scheer, the latter of whom wrote the special.

Watch the original opening below, and watch the greatest event here.


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