Grey's Anatomy

Something's fishy on 'Grey's Anatomy'

Dec. 3, 2010 at 9:05 AM ET

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Despite Meredith's objections to the idea, a concerned Derek takes Cristina on a fishing trip in order to get away from it all.

Athima Chansanchai writes: You see a lot of cutting and bleeding on “Grey’s Anatomy.” After all, surgeons are the kings and queens at this hospital, and you don’t often see what happens in post-op. You don’t see much healing. (Or, you do, and then they die of complications.)

On last night’s episode, “Adrift and at peace,” healing is the theme and again, the focus is on Cristina.

But Callie, Mark, Lexie and Bailey all go uncomplicated, for once, and it helps them move forward.

Cristina and her new BFF, the husband of her former BFF (is that weird to anyone else?), are off to spend a day fishing, which baffles Meredith.

“I know Cristina. She needs to work,” Meredith says. “There are no bathrooms in the wilderness.”

But it gets weird here with the awkward silence between the former soul mates, leaving Meredith and Owen to have an uneasy left-behind bond, which later in the episode disintegrates spectacularly into a blowout involving a hiker seriously injured during his honeymoon. It’s a scene that stops Meredith in her tracks, because she thinks she knows Cristina so well, but it seems like Owen has figured her out, too: that she doesn’t need to work, that she isn’t Meredith, that she wouldn’t tell a shooter to shoot her. He practically growls (in a protective spouse way) for Meredith to let her be.

But it’s still hard for us, because we -- like Meredith -- have known Cristina for several years, and the way she’s been acting this season, well, it doesn’t fit with her character.

But the fishing trip not only lands Cristina a monster trout, it gives her a cathartic moment that keeps her bond with Derek strong.

Speaking of bonding, new roommates Callie and Mark are showering together, but it’s not sexy because while Mark thinks they can have casual sex whenever, Callie gets too sad. And Mark thinks about Lexie, which prompts Callie to throw him out of HIS shower. (Pushy much, Torres?) Mark gets his second chance with Lexie. Just by kissing her. (Simple works!)

Callie and Alex have a moment of star resident bonding in playing tag-team mind games with some difficult patients, but she gets dumped -- again -- as Alex chooses to go back to the hard-to-like Stark. She’s still smarting over Arizona, which may explain why she closes the door on her face when she comes back from Africa for her.

But we’re into it. Arizona’s back!

While she doesn’t get a happy make-up with Callie, we’re glad to see the fistula-obsessed Bailey is moving on, having finally found a cure for it thanks to some competition between Jackson and Lexie, and the experience of handsome nurse Eli, who asks Bailey out on a date. And she says yes!

You know who else says yes? A dying patient Teddy asks to MARRY her (after knowing him for a DAY) because she wants to help him by sharing her medical insurance because he’s run out. And it helps take her mind off the journey of discovery her star pupil is on.

And that’s where we start thinking something fishy is going on. Like a show jumping the shark. (Although some might say that happened with the Izzie/deer episode.) We’re ready to throw this fish in and wait for the next great episode, which may be the next one, which deals with the victims of another mass shooting/killing spree.