Christina Aguilera

So what if stars don't always look perfect?

Oct. 18, 2011 at 11:47 AM ET

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Christina Aquilera, left, on Oct. 8, and Lindsay Lohan on Oct. 12.

Christina Aguilera is no longer a size 0, and Lindsay Lohan appears to be falling behind with her bi-annual teeth cleanings. These are things we learned in the last week or so, thanks to photos of each starlet.

In Aguilera's case, photos taken while she performed at a Michael Jackson tribute concert in the U.K., where she sported the (somehow still) popular pantsless look on stage, revealed that she's not the stick-thin singer she was in her "Beautiful" days. And if Lohan was ashamed by her smile, she wasn't hiding it when she showed off yellowed, spotted teeth on the red carpet for the launch of the "Saints Row: The Third" video game in L.A. 

Aguilera's apparent weight gain prompted outrage from the likes of Kelly Osbourne, who quickly slammed Aguilera, saying, "She called me fat for years, I was never that fat." And it seems to have sparked outrage from a legion of fans, too, if you read what the evil Internet is saying. But why? Is it because a performer deigned to not look her absolute size-nothing best?

As for Lohan, the situation went beyond snark. Her teeth were a quick excuse to question her sobriety, with some outlets going out to find experts who would say that her tooth decay was from "smoking and drug use."

Jaded as we can be in this business, I'm inclined to give both Lohan and Aguilera a break. In fairness, Lohan's case is more perplexing (if you're trying to get back into the acting fray and be taken seriously, then you'd take care of one of your most obvious assets, no?) but long ago I gave up on trying to figure out her priorities. And granted, if a large part of your job was looking your best (and you could afford trainers, chefs and the like) wouldn't you take advantage?

But one thing is as true in the case of weight- and toothgate as it is everywhere in celeb culture: you never know what's going on behind closed doors. Let's give these two a break.