Jersey Shore

Snooki reacts to 'Shore' scenes of her booze-fueled arrest

Jan. 18, 2011 at 12:11 PM ET

While “Jersey Shore” fans watched Snooki’s arrest for disorderly conduct on Monday night's episode, the reality star took to her Twitter account to address the on-screen action.

“Oh dear god, Jesus take the wheel,” Snooki tweeted as she watched herself binge drink and black out in scenes filmed last summer. “F--- maa lifeeeeee.”

In the Seaside Heights clips, Snooki could be seen drinking on the job, stumbling on sand and in one up-close-and-personal (and best forgotten) scene with Vinny, “begging for Seabiscuit.” But the part of the show that brought Snooki the most shame was her cop-cursing arrest.

“Well, not my proudest moments,” she wrote. “Watching this episode, I realize HOW CRAZY last summer was! #WOOPS #sorrydaddy”

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