Tonight Show With Jay Leno

The Situation uses Italian pickup lines on Jesse Eisenberg

Aug. 10, 2011 at 11:56 AM ET

There was an awkward situation on “The Tonight Show” Tuesday night when “Jersey Shore’s” Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino demonstrated the pickup lines he learned in Italy on film star Jesse Eisenberg.

“I actually can pick up a girl in Italian now,” the reality star boasted to host Jay Leno.

Leno had his doubts.

“Now let’s suppose that Jesse is an attractive Italian woman,” he said, offering Sorrentino a chance to prove his point. “What would you say?”

That’s when the “Jersey” boy put his best pocket-dictionary Italian to the test.

“Ciao, signorina– that means ‘hello, miss’ in Italian,” Sorrentino said.

To which Eisenberg shot back, “I don’t think I’d respond to that.”

That’s when Sorrentino went for his top material.

“Then I’d proceed to go in for some kind of compliment,” he said with a smile. “I would say, ‘siete dolci’ — you are sweet. From that particular point, I’m ‘andiamo alla casa’ — let’s go to the house.”

For the record, Eisenberg looked less than impressed.

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