'The Simpsons' take their couch gag to Middle Earth in 'Hobbit' spoof

On Sunday night, the Simpson family will take trip to the same old place they end up every week — their couch. Of course, it's about the journey, not the destination, and this time, they're going by way of Middle Earth.

In an episode titled "4 Regrettings and a Funeral," Marge dons her Gandalf robes, Homer stands in for Thorin Oakenshield and their kids make up a Hobbiton trio as the family sets out on an arduous trek over snow-covered mountains, past rivers, through an elven village and straight to Smaug's lair. (Or maybe it's Mr. Smaug's lair, as the scaley beast bares a strong resemblance to Mr. Burns.)

On their way, they slip by everyone's favorite wretch, Gollum (otherwise known as Mo), as he tries to woo a fellow creepy cave-dweller who doesn't want anything to do with him unless he "puts a ring on it." And as soon as he does that, she disappears. Of course.

Watch the clip to see some other familiar Springfield faces and to find out how the sofa saga ends.

"The Simpsons" airs Sunday at 8 p.m. on Fox.

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