X Factor

Simon Cowell getting nervous about American 'X Factor'

May 31, 2011 at 10:25 AM ET

Phil McCarten / Reuters file /

Simon Cowell is no longer the picture of confidence he was when he left "American Idol" last year to launch the American version of "The X Factor." In fact, sources close to "The X Factor" confirm that Cowell is increasingly nervous about the show's success here in the United States.

"There are two things he was not counting on," the source said. "One, he never thought 'American Idol' would do well this year, much less better than when he was on the show. And, he definitely wasn't counting on 'The Voice' being a hit. That might have him more worried than anything. Not only is there a question of how 'The X Factor' will stack up against these other singing competition shows, but there's a question about whether anyone is even going to be in the mood for another one in the fall."

"The X Factor" premieres here in the U.S. this September, and it should be noted that the U.K. version has not been without drama. One of the show's most well-known judges, Cheryl Cole, reportedly quit the show after she was dropped from the judging panel lineup for the U.S. show. You can read about that here.