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Should you change your baby at Starbucks?

Kathie Lee and Hoda joined a messy debate over whether you should change your kid in a restaurant… and also if you should be obligated to sterilize the area afterwards.

They discussed the problem in Friday's chat after a confrontation between parents and a Starbucks employee in Denver turned into a Venti mess. The ladies acknowledged that you can't always pick where you change your baby, but noted there are also people trying to enjoy their expensive frappes.

Hoda wondered if you should take the baby to a car, or else leave it at home. KLG and Joanne wondered if there wasn't a workaround like taking a chair into the bathroom.

But in the end, KLG said, "I think ultimately, it's whatever serves the child."

What do you think? Any creative solutions, parents?

Julieanne Smolinski mostly uses Stabucks to write her novel and always wipes down the table after.