Biggest Loser

Senior 'Loser' drops 17 pounds in one week

Oct. 4, 2011 at 10:03 PM ET

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Coach Mike found major inspiration this week.

It’s been a tough couple of weeks for the blue team on “The Biggest Loser.” Week one, they lost Debbie. Week two, Johnny was out the door. But week three? The dwindling band of 50- and 60-somethings found their inner losers and turned it around on the scale. And the timing couldn’t have been better for one team member.

That’s because, in addition to being week three, it was also NFL week. For all of the contestants, that meant a chance to mingle with game greats such as Clay Matthews, Tony Gonzales, Drew Brees, Shawne Merriman, Eric Dickerson and Tim Tebow. For the blue’s lone man, Coach Mike, it meant a chance to cross off a biggie from his bucket list.

See, Mike’s been a high-school football coach for the last 40 years and he’s never missed a Super Bowl — on the boob tube, that is. But the player to drop the highest percentage of weight this time around was guaranteed two VIP tickets to the big game. Evidently, that was all the inspiration he needed.

Mike, with some helpful pushing from trainer Anna Kournikova, worked his way to a staggering 17 pound loss for the week and those coveted tickets.

The rest of the Blues, otherwise known as just Becky and Bonnie, found their inspiration in, well, not wanting to go home. While their numbers were nothing like Mike’s, they were enough to land the team in second place and safe.

Which meant it was down to Team Black and Team Red, and they weren’t exactly used to losing team members.

The black team had two potential weak links. First there was Jennifer, who suffered a stress fracture and couldn’t work out with her legs. Then there was Antone, the ex-gridiron man who was brought to tears by the theme week. In fairness, it doesn’t take much to bring the big guy to tears (see each previous episode).

But Bob Harper wasn’t about to let either of those contestants bring the team down. He pumped up Antone to a 16 pound loss. And harangued Jennifer (direct quote: “I will break your other leg if you don’t go harder than that. NOT hard enough! NOT hard enough!”) to a matching loss.

With numbers like those, the Reds hardly stood a chance even with the guidance of trainer (and my unwitting reality TV boyfriend — sorry, Maks!) Dolvett Quince.

Shedding more tears than most seasons ever see, the 20-somethings decided to vote out Patrick after he offered to take one for the team.

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