See for your selfie: Muppets mug for the camera on Instagram

Talk about soft focus! What's more lovable than a Muppet mug shot?

An Instagram feed dedicated to the shenanigans of Kermit the Frog and his pals — and aimed at promoting the March 21 "Muppets Most Wanted" movie — has caught our attention. And it's reminded us that celebrities of the human variety shouldn't be the only ones uploading selfies for all the world to gawk at.

"Hi-ho, Instagram gang!" Kermit said in a post when the account first launched.

Gonzo got this selfie of his own unique schnoz and an air duct, and labeled it #imposter.

Poor Beaker. Animal caught him by surprise in the bathroom with this shot.

What else would you expect Rowlf the Dog to say on a selfie, other than, "What's up, dogs?"

Think Statler and Waldorf know what a selfie is? "This is the fanciest calculator we've ever seen."

No need to clean up the red-eye on Dr. Bunsen Honeydew. "#Selfies are scientifically proven to boost health and happiness!" he wrote.

"Classic rat, getting into all the food," read the caption on this pic of Rizzo.

Zoot can't carry a tune with a banana in his sax ... "Fozzie strikes again." 

The Swedish Chef makes it all very clear: "Cüffffeee-a ünnndee-ün? Bork Bork Bork!"