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See for your selfie: Jared Leto gets Oscar for most Instagram photos

No one, it seems, could like Jared Leto's face more than the man who photographs it almost every day. With the Academy Awards fast approaching, let's jump the gun a little bit and give an Oscar for the most selfie-serving Instagram feed among nominees.

Leto is a front-runner in the supporting actor category for his portrayal of Rayon in "Dallas Buyers Club." He's already picked up an armload of major awards this season, all the while putting hundreds of photos of his long-haired self into the phones of his 675,000 Insta-fans.

His is a fine enough mug to behold, even with the facial hair and blond-tipped locks that muddy the old argument from "My So-Called Life" groupies: "Never date a guy who is prettier than you." But after seeing his face over and over again, day after day, Leto's followers must be wondering what else catches the eye of the 42-year-old actographer (who even has a published book of his pics). The answer? A urinal, two vegan burger patties and Corey Feldman. OK, there's also some other vegan food items, a couple sunsets and Taylor Swift.

Is Leto having more fun than his fellow nominees? Well, Jonah Hill, see for your selfie:

"I see you," Leto wrote here. Yeah, we see you, too. A lot.

I see you.

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"Watchu lookin at?" he asked on this photo. Again, you.

Whatchu lookin at?

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With Taylor Swift at the Golden Globes. This thing that's not even a thing doesn't end well, we bet.

Me. Taylor Swift. Golden Globes. xo

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"Me. My sunglasses. And ol glory." No comment out of respect for the flag.

Me. My sunglasses. And ol glory.

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"Me. Santa hat. Merry xxx." There's no "merry" without "me" on the Jared Leto Instagram.

Me. Santa hat. Merry xxx.

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Don't make him ball up those fists like that time in "Fight Club" where he ... well, he got killed by Edward Norton.

Don't ever be scared to dream.. because everything is possible, no matter how bizarre.

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"That time I was in Rio + chased down the street half-naked." Dude, been there. 

That time I was in Rio + chased down the street half-naked, w/ Ben, Emma + Shayla

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Hey! Props for this action selfie at Coachella. Only a seasoned selfist would recognize the rare instance when flash is a good idea.

Fun in the desert! Check out my personal photos from #Coachella on

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The face of an Oscar nominee: In character as Rayon for "Dallas Buyers Club."


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