See for your selfie: Amanda Seyfried's dog is the joy of Instagram

Image: Finn Instagram
Finn Seyfried.

Awww, who'sagoodboy? In your best voice you only use when talking to animals, take time to exclaim at the wonders of Amanda Seyfried's dog, Finn, a star in his own right.

As far as celebrity pets go (we're looking at you, one-time Bieber monkey), the Australian shepherd is leader of the pack when it comes to grasping social media. He already has a Twitter account, on which he mostly puts out positive vibes like "good morning" or asks questions like "when's Coachella?" But on the actress' Instagram account, he is the king of the selfie. Or, rather, the doggie ... taken by a human.

Check out Finn's incredible patience in a variety of poses, many of which involve remaining still while Seyfried photographs him with objects on his head. (It's a skill the dog even demonstrated on "Late Show With David Letterman last summer.)

Seyfried and her beloved, lactose-intolerant Finn in front of a milk shake shop.

Just another day, caught on video wearing a shirt and eating breakfast.

Who wouldn't smile in such a fancy hat?

Someone has been taking very good care of his teeth.

The actress and her best friend share a bean bag, captioned #homeiswhereyourheartis.

This particular photo shoot is a wrap.

Finn is obviously a slave to fashion, seen here in some designer shoes.

Finn! Duck! No, on your head.

Say cheese(burger)!

Not to be outdone by any old dog, these animals show up on Seyfried's feed as well, looking fittingly unimpressed.

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