Sarah Palin and Kate Gosselin come together on the next 'Alaska'

Dec. 6, 2010 at 1:56 PM ET

Sarah Palin and Kate Gosselin might just be the perfect reality TV pairing, what with their love-them-or-loathe-them personalities and frequent mom-talk — grizzly and otherwise. It was only a matter of time before their mutual network, TLC, put them together for a ratings push.

After its record-breaking premiere, “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” took a steep slide in terms of weekly viewers, but a dose of Gosselin and her “Plus 8” is sure to turn things around for one night.

The wilderness adventure, a first for Gosselin, gave Palin the opportunity to share the “ruggedness” that is “a mystery in the lower 48 states” with her would-be pal. Given Gosselin’s almost immediate bad reaction to outdoor living, it looks like that ruggedness lesson didn’t exactly stick.

“She’s going to rely on me to protect her,” Palin said of her teary-eyed camping buddy.

Catch the chaos on the Dec. 12 episode of “Alaska,” or watch a sneak peek of the action to come:


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