Law of 'Gravity': Sandra Bullock tops highest-paid actress list

Aug. 4, 2014 at 3:05 PM ET

It's good to obey the law of "Gravity." Sandra Bullock, who starred in the 2013 Oscar-winning space drama, soared into orbit and topped Forbes' annual list of highest-paid actresses, earning an estimated $51 million between June 2013 and 2014.

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Actress-producer-philanthropist Sandra Bullock has played an astronaut in trouble, a feisty FBI agent and more.

Jennifer Lawrence nabbed the No. 2 spot on this year's list thanks to her archery prowess as Katniss in "The Hunger Games" franchise and for her work as blue-skinned mutant Mystique in the latest "X-Men" movie. While Lawrence's $34 million paycheck was substantially smaller than Bullock's, she's less than half Bullock's age. (For the record, we'd happily take it.)

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The young actress has quickly risen to become a film and fashion icon, with an Academy Award already under her belt.

So no one told Jennifer Aniston life was gonna be this way — that is, pretty darn lucrative. The former "Friends" star landed the third spot on the list, taking home $31 million for films such as "We're the Millers," plus endorsement deals for numerous products. Those "Friends" reruns didn't hurt, either.

The actress rises from sitcom sweetheart to tabloid fixture to big screen star.

Gwyneth Paltrow has made more headlines this year for her conscious uncoupling from husband Chris Martin of Coldplay than for her film work, but she came in at No. 4 on the list with $19 million. In addition to playing Iron Man's girlfriend and assistant, Pepper Potts, in that blockbuster franchise, Paltrow too has plenty of endorsements.

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The Oscar-winning actress is also a singer, cookbook author, and mom of two.

Two stars — Angelina Jolie and Cameron Diaz — tie for fifth on the list, with both listed as having earned $18 million over the past 12 months. Jolie won raves for her work as the creepy "Sleeping Beauty" villain in "Maleficent," and Diaz's latest was the comedy "The Other Woman." It was a drop in the rankings for Jolie, who topped Forbes' 2012-2013 list with $33 million.

Scarlett Johansson, Amy Adams, Natalie Portman and Kristen Stewart round out the top 10.

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