Russell Brand

Russell Brand calls marriage to Katy Perry 'mundane, spectacular'

March 22, 2011 at 9:41 AM ET

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Russell Brand, who stars in the remake of "Arthur," is in the new issue of Details, talking about his marriage to singer Katy Perry. It is "at once the most mundane and spectacular thing in the world," he tells the magazine. "There are a lot of areas where I’ve simply relinquished decision-making. It really does make my mates laugh, though."  

Also revealed in the piece is an interesting tidbit about his role in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall," that Brand's character Aldous Snow was originally written to be a straight-laced writer.

"We were convinced the casting director had played a gag on us," director Nicholas Stoller said. "The hair, makeup, clothes -- I think he had 18 belts on? Jason [Segel, the film’s star and screenwriter] asked Brand about the role, and he said he'd 'had a cursory glance' -- what a thing to say to a director and writer.

"Asked about improv, it was as if he'd never heard of that either. Then he started in. When he left, Jason got up and did a jig." The part was then rewritten.