'Runway' ends with a surprise win

But wait! Before the “let’s beat up on Ivy and Gwetchen because we finally can” part begins, we have to waste some time. Because “PR” has two hours to fill, we are treated to a segment rewinding through Andy’s best moments on the show. Andy did have some spectacular designs this season, although he did have a fondness for tiny pleats that looked Elizabethan in an unfortunate way. Anyway, once that’s over, Heidi asks the designers if anything has changed for them since the show started airing. Peach reveals that she has a huge gay following. Valerie got a marriage proposal. Casanova learned a lot of English. And, oh yes, the designers all get quizzed on whether Jason is as crazy and if Ivy and Gwetchen are as bitchy as they seem. Mwahahahaha! Read the full recap at HitFix.com.

Check out the 'Project Runway' finale slideshow.